Can you spot ...

... A good builder from a bad one?

... A correct quote from an incorrect one?

... The right building materials from the wrong ones?

Probably not. Which is how cowboy builders go undetected. These rogue traders prey on the fact that anybody who requires building works undertaken does not fully understand the nature of the job. The television programmes give you some idea of the sort of things that they get up to, but in reality it is very difficult to spot a cowboy builder.

The Honest Builder site contains a host of information regarding the building trade and thus empowers you with the knowledge required to try and avoid the cowboy builder. Our site gives you a brief idea of what the terms used actually mean, how to ensure you get comparable quotes, what this letters/badges actually are and also what to do if something goes wrong.

Unlike many other sites, we are totally impartial and do not carry a list of 'recommended' builders. If you are planning to have some building work done, please read on as the information provided may be invaluable to you.